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Nov 10, 2013 3:50pm EST
. there were so few people from mexico living in new york city, there were to to have -- there were no to have tortillas. now what's the name for new york? i think we'll talk a little bit about what's happening and why that is, but i want to say i'm very happy to be speaking in connection with the institute for pension can studies here and -- mexican studies here and how meaningful it is for me and, also, i think for new york city as a whole that we have it. i'm a photographer, so i'm going to show you photographs while i'm speaking tonight. they don't have any complicated captions, so you don't have to worry about having to read them. but it's just so that we can see that we're talking about people and kind of get what i call the reality check. so, let's see, i have to kind of do it like this because i have to keep track. i'm going to start by telling you a story about something that happened in los angeles a few years ago. a group of health activists set up a kind of sidewalk clinic for day laborers, to test day laborers for hiv. and so a young man, omar sierra, was on the street corner that
Nov 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
the 18th annual texas book festival. a discussion with authors on mexico.ere this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon, thank you for coming tonight. we're happy to be here. here at the texas bookernoon. tonit. a few notes of business they asked me to tell everyone to please turn off your cell phonet so you don't interrupt the inven . with that, let me get dirty. i am shannon o'neil. i work at the council on foreign relations very focused on next month america more broadly unedited and pleasure tonight at talking with two wonderful gentleman, who have written wonderful books are really impressive impressive books about mexico. the first one on my right is ricardo ainslie. his book is called "the fight to save juarez." this book tells the story of the border city, which many of you know i've had the unfortunate tension in recent years of being not only the most violent place in mexico, but by some accounts the most spineless in the world. he tells the story of this descent into darkness of this border city through the eyes and through the stories of many people in morris,
Nov 3, 2013 4:15pm EST
corchado on mexico. this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. thank you for coming tonight. we are happy to be here at the texas book will. they asked me to tell everyone, please turn off cell phones to rejoin her of the conversations. with that, let me get dirty. i am shannon o'neil. i work at the council on foreign relations very focused on next month america more broadly unedited and pleasure tonight at talking with two wonderful gentleman, who have written wonderful books are really impressive impressive books about mexico. the first one on my right is ricardo ainslie. his book is called "the fight to save juarez." this book tells the story of the border city, which many of you know i've had the unfortunate tension in recent years of being not only the most violent place in mexico, but by some accounts the most spineless in the world. he tells the story of this descent into darkness of this border city through the eyes and through the stories of many people in morris, the mayor from 20,722,010. it is a newspaper photographer who patrols the streets and shows up at the house and the g
Nov 1, 2013 12:00am PDT
>> welcome to the program. we begin this evening with a conversation with mexico and its relationship with the united states and its region. we talked to ricardo salinas. he's the president of grupo salinas a leading corporate executive and media owner in mexico. >> in general all our countries are very young. that's why i'm optimistic because all these young people, they're not going to sit around on their hands waiting for somebody to fix their problems. sure we have problems. problems are everywhere. but these young people, they want toave a house, they want to get a job, they want to fill the house with stuff and they want to have children. they're hard workers and we're doing well. so mexico's in a good moment right now. >> we conclude this evening with costa-gavras. >> we're living the kind of dictatorship which is legal which is dictatorship around the world. >> is it therefore evil? >> i wouldn't say evil. it's a kind of christian position in the industry. if it's an issue, it's a human thing. >> a program note. we promised you this evening an interview with ma
Nov 1, 2013 10:00am EDT
'm going to talk about all of these. i'm interested in mexico too and where mexico is headed specifically. specifically in the context of latin america and also in context of larger trading nations. how does one decide and what caused you to say, what is the thinking process i'm going to challenge the idea of government's monopoly on telecommunications. >> well you know, i have to say that maybe i didn't know exactly what i was doing because if i had known all these risks and all the obstacles that we're ahead, maybe i would have done it. certainly my dad and grandfather they probably would not have agreed. so it's one of those things that only young people can do certain things. when the mexican government then under president salinas decided to privatize television operations there were lots of people that were interested in that. we emerged victorious because we paid way more than the next guy. it turned out that that was our lucky break, because we overpaid so much, we could not be discredited from the process, because you know, nobody knew me or what i stood for. and some guy was thr
Nov 5, 2013 7:30am EST
using mexico as a production base for the north american market. turns out drivers there have become some of their best customers. now managers of these car companies have their sights set on another country in latin america. nhk world reports. >> reporter: honda motor held a ground breaking ceremony for an auto parts factory north of mexico city. when it's completed in 2015, the factory will produce as many as 700,000 transmissions a year. >> translator: as mexico's economy grows, the auto market will expand. and so will domestic demand for cars. >> reporter: mexico's economy is the second biggest in latin america, trailing only brazil. the middle class is growing. and consumers are enjoying greater purchasing power. this man is 40 years old. owns a house in the suburbs of mexico city. pena works for a security company. he says that during the past five years his income has nearly doubled. he bought 2 cars this year, each with a 36-month loan. pena is not alone. more and more mexicans are buying cars as their income slides. >> translator: after paying off this loan, i want to trade
Nov 29, 2013 8:00am EST
and alfredo corchado on mexico. this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. thank you for coming tonight. we are happy to be here at the texas book will. they asked me to tell everyone, please turn off cell phones to rejoin her of the conversations. with that, let me get dirty. i am shannon o'neil. i work at the council on foreign month americay focused on next i had the distinct pleasure tonight talking with two wonderful gentlemen but to have written incredible books, really impressive books about mexico. the first one here on the right is ricardo ainslie. his book is called "the fight to save juÁrez." this book tells the story of this border city which many of you know has had the unfortunate distinction in recent years of being not only the most violent place in mexico but by some accounts the most violent city in the world. and he tells the story of this descent into darkness of this border city through the eyes and through the stories of many people in juÁrez, but particularly for people. it is the mayor of juÁrez from 2007-2010. it is a newspaper photographer who patrols the street
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 7:30pm EST
we buy from mexico do just that. >> people love their guacamole. here's an example: >> let's talk about what consumers can do, and we see it all over twitter today. i love avocados, and i don't want to support criminals of what do i do? >> i love my guacamole in the super bowl. >> cocaine, heroin and now avocados, criminals are looking for new ways to make money. in the past, they turned to limes, but in the western state they are finding that money does grow on trees. avocados are more lucrative than marijuana and that has the cartel tightening its grip. they're skimming profits in avocado growers, a move criticized by a rival cartel. pas [ speaking spanish ] >> the citizens are starting to take matters into their own hands, forming militia groups to protect local growers, and the military has also stepped in, but it has little affect on farming communities being affected by what are being dubbed blood avocados. a journalist is investigating how they're tabbing into the industry, the mexican bureau chief, at yale university where he studies management. and the author of the las
Nov 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
business report", silicon valley. >> hope my kids were watching that report. >>> coming up, mexico quickly becoming a major hub of auto manufacturing, but will it come at the cost of american jobs? >>> a merger between urenex ex the exchange is come plait and they will begin trading tomorrow, thus nlding tending t independent run of the new york stock exchange. it can be tramsed back to may of 1792. >>> the president of the philippines says the death toll will likely be no more than 2500, far less than the previous estimate of 10,000. a risk assessment firm says total insured losses from that storm will be less than $100 million but to be clear that is just insured losses. damages to uninsured homes and businesses are expected to be far greater. >>> with the new car sales in the u.s. climbing to their highest levels in six years, auto manufacturing has also revved up. auto plants in the u.s. are close to full capacity, so big auto makers are expanding and adding more assembly lines. not here in the u.s. but in mexico. phil lebeau has the story. >> reporter: it looks like any other auto pla
Nov 26, 2013 2:30pm PST
to embrace an artist that celebrated a culture of ordinary citizens. from mexico city, michael reports. >> this is blue house by refuge set in one of the world's biggest cities. it was here that frida kahlo lived and created much work for what they celebrated. mexico andiment in the colors of mexico. where all the color and people of mexico find a place. >> his fame spreads well beyond mexico's borders. paintings are some of the most iconic works of the 20th century. artists, thelow healing quarters and an appreciation of her talents. for much of her life, the work was overshadowed by the art of her husband. nobody were really liking her paintings. >> they took us by surprise. it has to do with all the suffering. and being a woman artist was really standing for her rights the way that she wanted. , women like her. even today. is -- the that she middle class and the other class, everybody loves frida. but not the upper class. most one of mexico city's popular tourist destinations, people come to see where the artist lived for a short life marred by debilitating health issues and remarka
Nov 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
with juan gonzalez. we turn now to the drug war in mexico in efforts to demand accountability in thousands of cases of people who have been kidnapped, tortured, disappeared, and killed. newly declassified cables from u.s. embassies and consulates in mexico reveal how drug cartels have operated with near impunity in recent years. the cable show u.s. authorities knew that narco trafficking organizations are operating with "near total impunity in the face of compromise local security forces. hope this follows a report by human rights watch that similarly documented how mexican security forces participate in enforced disappearances as part of the so-called war on drugs. in nearly all of the cases, the report documented authorities try to cover up her complicity. >> for more we're joined by sister consuelo marlys, who has helped lead the fight in mexico to defend victims of human rights violations and hold their abusers accountable. in 1992, she helped found the group citizens in support of human rights. it is taken the lead in documenting human rights violations carried out by the drug cartels
Nov 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
hombre acusado de raptar a su propio bebe y huir con el hacia mexico, engaÑando a los investigadores sobre su paradero. pitch - cesar ----pero un operativo conjunto con las autoridades mexicanas termino con el suplicio de una madre. take 2 box ----angel ayllon hablo con ella y nos tiene los detalles de lo ocurrido... 01 ;20 ;42 1;08 2;08 trt 2;23 bite fue en ese momento cuando patricia sintio que se le vino el mundo encima, su pequeno henry con tan solo 2 semanas de nacido habria sido retenido por su propio padre quien lo subio a un vehiculo y emprendio con la criatura un viaje... en sus planes estaba huir fuera del pais con el bebe bite y la reaccion de las autoridades fue inmediata... la alerta amber se coloco en las autopistas interestatales... el padre del bebe, "mesut guller" un hombre turco de 22 anos de edad era buscado en california y arizona, pues aunque decia que viajaba a nueva york, hubo sospechas que el paradero con su bebe seria mexico.... y asi fue, esta tarde, la policia revelo que las autoridades mexicanas detuvieron al sujeto en poder del bebe cuando
Al Jazeera America
Nov 27, 2013 2:00am EST
rather than a palace. >> some in mexico accuse him and his advisors of hypocrisy. >> translation: capitalism in all its riches, he would not be living how he lives, but within the economy, inside the same church. pope francis focused on human rights before. this time he calls on all catholics to help. >> where is the person that you are killing every day in his secret factory, and children used for professional begging, and those who must work in secret because they are irregular. let us not pretend. awful us have a shared responsibility. >> pope francis has hinted at reforms suggesting bishops should have more authority than before. he didn't cause a change in two key areas. women should have an important role, but will not be priests. allowing abortion is not up for debate. >> pope francis offered advice for priests on how to carry out their duties. confessions should not be torture, and he urged priests to rite whom olies that don't bore. >> the security deal between the u.s. and afghanistan hanging in the balance as that country's president does an advance face. how the child
Nov 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
todo california y la frontera con mexico, las autoridades finalmente capturaron a un hombre que presuntament e rapt a su propio hijo, de tan solo 2 semanas de nacido pitch - cesar ---el sospechoso se llevo al menor de su departamento en sunnyvale la tarde de ayer y segn la madre del pequeÑo, haba amenazado con causarle daÑo take 2 box ---mayra tostado nos tiene mas detalles, adelante mayra. 0:01 0:07 0:17 1:23 intro ---buenas tardes, el sujeto fue detenido por las autoridades mexicanas en un reten y ahora se preparan para extraditarlo a nuestra region. pkg henry guler-romero, de tan solo dos meses de nacido, fue encontrado hoy sano y salvo en mexico, a cientos de millas de distancia de su hogar, este departamento en sunnyvale. "sunnyvale investigators were contacted.... suspect had been recovered" esta tarde, la polica revel que las autoridades mexicanas detuvieron a su padre, mesut guler, un hombre turco de 22 aÑos de edad, en un reten y tras interrogarlo, alertaron a la patrulla fronteriza de la ciudad de lukeville, en arizona que descubri que haba una orden de arresto en s
Nov 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
discovered a whole new world of tastes. tyler florence is in mexico to try them. >> when the spanish first set foot on mexico in the 16th century, one of the world's greatest culinary adventures began. mexico became the major gateway between europe and the americas, with each culture swapping indigenous foods and cooking ideas. the spanish were amazed to find a whole host of new fruits and vegetables they'd never even seen before, never mind tasted, and in fact, a lot of our favorite foods actually originated in mexico. europe had no idea what a tomato was until the 16th century. and when spain started colonizing the new world, they discovered that mexico was a major player in the culinary scene. and things they've given to the new world, it's a list you probably take for granted on a day to day basis. i mean, things like vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, chilies, avocados, beans, green beans, it just goes on and on. imagine cooking without this little guy? viva mexico. >> but probably the greatest gift to the world's spice palate was the chili pepper. tyler meets up with patricia quintana, o
Nov 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
podrian salir de diferentes empresas hacia mexico en una estrategica busqueda de ayuda bilateral que la embajada de ese pais planea con exitosos empresarios mexicanos en el area de la bahia. pitch - cesar ---- precisamente el embajador mexicano tuvo una importante reunion empresarial la noche de hoy buscando esta iniciativa... take 2 box ---angel ayllon estuvo presente y nos tiene la historia, buenas noches.. 01 14 33 56 1;24 1;46 trt 2:10 mexico podria quitarle a asia el primer lugar de comercializacion y venta de producto ante estados unidos como socio... esa fue una de las conclusiones dadas hoy por empresarios mexicanos que en reunion con eduardo median, embajador de ese pais ante estados unidos se reunieron hace una horas, buscando levantar los empleos y la industria mexicana.... asi lo explicaron empresarios esta noche entrevista ademas la ubicacion geografica y acercamiento con estados unidos podria dar exdelentes resultados.... por eso, su embajador tuvo esta reunion hoy donde planea enlazar estrategias con exitosos empresarios mexicanos que inviertan en su pais de nacimi
Al Jazeera America
Nov 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
of mexico. plus, sky high, two cities compete for tallest building in the u.s. and the winner is: and we begin in the philippines. five full days after typhoon haiyan struck, help is on the way but for many time is running out, craig leeson joins us from sivu province. six days from the storm what's the priority right now? you. >> as you say thousands of people in some of these remote areas, particularly in the worse-hit in this cup and that's leitei province on the east coast where that tidal surge swept many people away. the priority of course is to ensure that all of the international aid that is pouring into the capital of the country in manila and also into sabu where we are here in the center of the country that that aid get to the people who need it most. it's been flown into tacloban which is the capital of plvmenteitei island, they are trying to get that distribution network working as much as possible. >> craig stand by, it is difficult to figure out how many people were killed, 1800 dead, at least two of them americans. but the number of displaced has grown to 800,000 people,
Nov 2, 2013 10:15am EDT
of mexico in the early days especially and many of them stay, but it was hard for them, because there was a revolution and there was a hardship that yes, there were, and the early women and came in and helped to settle them were at war with mexico and it was a tough situation for them. >> we have lena in norwalk, connecticut. please go with your question or comment. >> i just want to tell you how much of an inspiration you are and i thank you for the weight you are bridging the gap between people and that you are a peacemaker and that being said, i wanted to know if you are involved at all with women of the military and i thank you so much. >> i didn't understand what she said exactly. >> oh, yes, the women in the military. absolutely. in my second book i profiled the first women in the military who became officers and that was really midcentury and last century, the 40s and the great job that they did. i mentioned the precursor to the women in the military and then became part of the army and now they are admirals and generals and and i was on the armed services committee and i
Nov 13, 2013 5:00am PST
motor has opened a new plant in central mexico as part of the automaker's plan to expand production for the north and south american markets. >> today marks the beginning of a new chapter in nissan's success story in mexico. >> this is nissan's third plant in mexico and will raise its annual output in the country to more than 850,000 units. the new plant is expected to serve as nissan's new production platform for north and south america. nissan plans to take advantage of lower tariffs in mexico. japanese automakers honda and mazda are also building factories in mexico. >>> bmw says it will launch electric vehicles with a carbon fiber frame next april in japan. about half the weight of iron but can withstand greater impact. automakers are racing to reduce the weight of carbon fiber model. the automaker says the standard one can travel up to about 160 kilometers on a single charge. the other model will be fitted with a small gasoline engine as a generator, it will extend its range to 300 kilometers. that's going to do it for biz tonight. i'll leave you with the markets. >>> china, sa
Al Jazeera America
Nov 13, 2013 10:00am EST
and immigration. >> coming up in sports, why world cup in mexico could cost millions. >> israeli's prime minister has delayed the building of settlement homes. fearing repercussions as israel tries to stop world powers from signing a nuclear deal with iran. the housing industry's new plans were for 24,000 homes. about 4,000 were in occupied east jerusalem and the rest in the occupied west bank. 1,200 homes are in the area that would cut them off. >> positioned between jerusalem and ramallah, the palestinian seat of government. we have more details from jerusalem. >> the israeli prime minister made clear this is a purely tactical move. he emphasized that he did not want a controversy over the new settlement plans to impact on israeli's attempts to get the iranian deal off the international table. a spokesman for the prime minister when asked about these events made two telling words, saying that the settlement development has been put on hold for now. now, this proposal had been in the works for a period of tile as part of an annual review by the housing ministry. it was only when the peace now or
Al Jazeera America
Nov 16, 2013 2:30am EST
after 20 weeks. however, the state allows t. and what does this mean for new mexico and the rest of the country? lisa fletcher it away, and my man is stepping in as coost. and look, omar, nothing is nowhere contentious as abortion, and this might reflect t. >> there are a lot of people weighing in with strong feelings, and we have a tweet from kate: and, we have lynn: of course, for those of you at home, we want you to be part of this conversation, and don't forget to tweet us at the hashtag that you see on the screen right now. >> albuquerque is set to vote on this issue next tuesday, and if passed, it bans pregnancy after 2 20 weeks except in cases of rape or incest. three have bans, but albuquerque would be the first in the united states to approve such a ban. the ban would be felt statewide, as albuquerque is the only city in new mexico that offersbortionings offersabortion at or after 20 w. who should have a say? tonight, joining me. lila rose, and tara bresler, the editor of think progress, who has been covering this for a while. and antoinette, a professor in albuquerque.
Nov 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
polizas actuales solamente hasta marzo. stop open topvo cesar ---el gobierno de mexico lanzo una campaÑa como parte del operativo paisano en el que revelan las carreteras mas seguras que los viajeros que van desde estados unidos deberian utilizar cuando se desplacen por mexico... take fs ---sobre todo se les recomienda evitar viajar de noche... ---si usted desea consultar el panfleto, puede acudir a la pagina de internet que aparece en su pantalla... www punto paisano punto gob punto mx diagonal pdfs diagonal rutas guion bajo sugeridas punto pdf cesar --- se recrudece la situacin en michoacn. mujeres y niÑos se --- se recrudece la situacin en michoacn. mujeres y niÑos se esconden en las iglesias a raz de los avances de los grupos de autodefensas. .. pitch - blanca ---mientras que el nuevo obispo en "lzaro crdenas" admite tener miedo ante tanta violencia por parte del crimen organizado. jazive prez con los detalles. take pkg ;01 ;10 ;37 1;18 1;37 miedo es la palabra que mas se escucha entre la poblacion de estas comunidades..pueblos que se estan quedando vacios ante la violencia que ha
Nov 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
enterese donde pueden recibir ayuda blanca ---buenas noches! ---comenzamos en mexico... donde se elev a 33 los cuerpos encontrados en un cementerio clandestino localizado en el municipio de "la barca" jalisco, en los lmites con michoacn. pitch - cesar ---los encargados de llevar a cabo la bsqueda son elementos de la procuradura general, take vo quienes desde hace 15 das se encuentran cavando varias fosas en las orillas del ro lerma que divide a ambas ciudades... ---durante las ltimas 24 horas se han encontrado un total de 10 cuerpos en avanzado estado de descomposicin que sumados lleg a ms de una treintena de personas halladas asesinadas en la zona de la cinega, ---los cadveres fueron trasladados al servicio mdico forense de guadalajara. cesar ---un informe de la agencia de seguridad nacional, "n- s-a" de estados unidos asegura que las masacres de inmigrantes en mxico entre el 2010 y el 2012 sucedieron ante las narices de las autoridades que no hacen nada por evitarlas... pitch - blanca ---entre ellas... est el caso de la matanza de san fernando, en el norte de ese pais, donde ms de 70 inm
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
---desde mexico, le mostramos que otras consecuencias trae en la frontera norte trae el fenomeno de la migracion. blanca ---el operativo realizado ayer blanca ---el a todos aquellos que esperaron... que se angustiaron... que se arriesgaron... y vivieron en un estado de incertidumbre. bienvenidos a un nuevo estado de salud. bienvenidos a covered california, donde encontrarás cobertura médica accesible y de calidad... ayuda económica... y nadie será rechazado por tener un problema previo de salud. inscríbete ya en o llama al 1-800-700-7258. estatal y locales contra delincuentes sexuales... take vo ...rindio frutos en el condado de alameda. ---mas de 50 delincuentes sexuales indigentes se reportaron a la oficina de libertad condicional del condado en oakland, entre las 5 de la tarde y 10 de la noche, que es la hora en que la mayoria de los niÑos salen a pedir dulces durante la noche de brujas. ---en california hay mas de 80 mil delincuentes sexuales registrados. blanca ---esta maÑana un niÑo de tan solo 11 aÑos de edad fue asaltado a punta de pistola para ser despoj
Nov 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
mexico, muchas tumbas han sido abandonadas en varias ciudades fronterizas, enterese por que.. take vo ---ademas, cree usted que se pueda conseguir amor y dinero por medio de hechizos? le hablaremos de esta creencia de muchos en un reportaje especial. segment ends blanca --- noviembre es el mes iban empatados y mi princesa le cambia a su programa. ¿y el de papá? baja nfl mobile. recibe los partidos de las noches de jueves, domingos y lunes de la nfl. exclusivo de verizon. diabetes, padecimiento que sigue siendo una de las principales causas de muerte entre la poblacion latina en el pais. --- por eso, como nos explica "liliana henao" desde washington, organizacione s nacionales y locales estan renovando esfuerzos para llevar su mensaje a los hogares hispanos: "la diabetes se puede prevenir y controlar". take pkg 00:01 00:16 00:46 01:06 pkg noviembre es el mes nacional de la diabetes en estados unidos, padecimiento que sigue siendo una de las principales causas de muerte entre la poblacion latina, en el pais. por eso, como nos explica liliana henao desde washington, organizaciones naci
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
---ademas, enterese que nuevos beneficios y protecciones ofrece el gobierno de mexico bajo el programa paisano... take sot --- elva saray cesar ---continuan las acciones a todos aquellos que esperaron... que se angustiaron... que se arriesgaron... y vivieron en un estado de incertidumbre. bienvenidos a un nuevo estado de salud. bienvenidos a covered california, donde encontrarás cobertura médica accesible y de calidad... ayuda económica... y nadie será rechazado por tener un problema previo de salud. inscríbete ya en o llama al 1-800-700-7258. de los residentes latinos de santa rosa para denunciar la muerte de andy lopez.. pitch - blanca ---hoy realizaron otra manifestacion hasta la fiscalia donde exigieron que el agente que dispar contra el menor... roll open under ...sea procesado legalmente por sus acciones hace casi 2 semanas. take 2 box ---pilar niÑo, desde esa comunidad nos amplia la informacion... adelante pilar. take pkg ;01 ;09 ;25 ;37 1;24 1;53 .sujey lopez/mama de andy :16 .john burris/abogado :27 .maribel samaniego/asiste por primera vez 1:14 pilar nino
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 2:00am EST
and ruthless violence. it's a music that's gaining popularity on both sides of the u.s./mexico boarder. we explain why. [ ♪ music ] >> machine gun, drugs, blood. there are thousands of online video like this, illustrating narco, mexican music that glorifies drug lords and cultures. >> we have narco curers. >> here, 2,000 miles from the mexican border narco music swells. more than 100,000 people have been murdered here since 2008, according to mexico's national institute for statistics. as the murders are more gruesome, with bodies decapitated, so does the entertainment. narco culture is booming, as shown in the documentary. [ singing ] >> these kids see the drug - this drug war failing and see the kingpins running around. they are the new robin hood, the new stars. alluding the system. >> this is a war photographer. he documented the explosion of violence in the border cities, where more than 3600 were killed in 2010 alone, making it the murder capital of the world. he's turning a critical eye on new yorko culture. >> i don't approach it. i think it's a cancer of mexico and the u.s. if
Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 2:00am EST
. >> scamming, intimidation and extortion. what a group in mexico is doing to stop the corruption. an imprisoned member of pussy riot goes missing. s >>> a woman gaoled for a punk protest in russia has gone missing. the husband of nadya tolokonnikova says he hasn't heard from his wife since she was moved to a new prison. she and members of pussy riot were imprisoned after staging a protest against jooutin at a kath -- vladimir putin at a kath reed ral. >> nadya tolokonnikova has disappeared into a gulag system. they fear the russian authorities are trying to crush her spirit. she was being held in penal colony number 14, several hundredkm east of moscow. al jazeera contacted her husband, and he said nadya tolokonnikova was deliberately being cut off from the outside world. he was worried. >> nadya tolokonnikova is reported to be in a weak condition after two hunger strikes. she staged them to protest appalling conditions in which she was being held. in a letter smuggled out of the penal colony she said inmates were forced to work 16 hour days in a sewing sweat shop and were being treated like sl
Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 3:00am EST
on the program - including mexico cracking down on drug crimes. many say gangs are finding a new way to make money. and... >> i'm kath turner in new york. officials with the marathon are battling the fallout from two unprecedented event - hurricane sandy, and the boston marathon bombings. >>> hello again. you're watching al jazeera. these are the top stories - soldiers in the democratic republic of congo accusing m23 rebels of committing atrocities as they fled government forces. the rebels have been pushed from their eastern stronghold and are being chased by the conningo lease army. >> two men have been sentenced in absenta. chowdhury mueen-uddin lives in the u.k., and the other uk lives in the u.s. >> pakistan's government says it will review ties with the u.s. after a drone attack killed a taliban leader. it's under pressure from opposition parties calling for nato supply routes to be blocked. >> a tribal leader in yemen said 100 people have been killed in three weeks of fighting around damaj. ambulances can't get into the town to treat large numbers of civilian casualties, we have this
Nov 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
. u.s. authorities have discovered a drug super tunnel under the border with mexico. thanks for watching -- you are watching "france 24." anonymous u.s. officials and syrian rebel forces confirmed report israel bombed a syrian military base. it is said to be near this city -- port city, targeting missiles israel believes could be transferred to the militant group hezbollah. that's get more on the straightaway from jerusalem with our middle east correspondent. this has not been conformed -- confirmed by israeli authorities. what do we know so far? >> no, it has not been confirmed. it pretty much means the suppose it source of fire, israel, is not conforming -- confirming nor denying the reports. we know very little and we know what from sources speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the issue at hand, and that is notably an obama administration official confirming that last wednesday israel did mount an attack on syrian territory. however, that official did not indicate the nature of the target nor its precise geographical location. pan-everett media reported the
Nov 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
of what is the human creativity. (speaking spanish). mexico is today represented here at the gardens as well. (speaking spanish). thank you for purring that dream and never letting it go. (speaking spanish). we'll be further enriched by your presence. today you are proof of that famous line i didn't we can (clapping) >> talking about legions talking about people who helped get this piece of land please give a big round of applause for our former mayor (clapping). >> my brother. (speaking spanish). please welcome the mexico carlos felix (clapping) >> (speaking spanish). good afternoon. it's an honor as would you be able up general of mexico to participate in this ceremony which is now the mexican museum. i want to recognize the efforts of all the people who are worked are tirelessly 0 through all those years to make in circular project a realtor for the san francisco bay area. i know there is a long list of people like elected officials but also the leaders of our community and we're very grateful for your work. this began with the mission of mr. rodriguez and was continued with va
Nov 14, 2013 12:00pm CST
at least two weeks. >> visiting mexico city to sign an agreement expanding trade between chicago and mexican companies. the second most visited catholic sanctuary in the world behind st. peter's. the rink there really was located at the parking lot of edison. construction is now on hold while the cubs negotiate with rooftop owners. coming up a sinkhole swallows up part of his home. the florida man is speaking up about his escape. >> a new study shows how popular the gift card really is. nearly 400 kids are rescued from child abuse and roughly 350 people arrested during a long investigation into those who produce and perchers child pornography.purchase child pornography. >> the owner of the company has been in jail since 2011. the producers to make the illegal films have been convicted. among those arrested 40 teachers six law enforcement personnel. >> a half dozen homes were evacuated early this morning after a sinkhole opened up. take a look at this video. part of a patio cave in. no one was injured in this. >> the homeowner says there has been cinco activity in the area and the
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